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Green Features /Towards Discussions on Manifestoes for Ecological Swaraj

Towards Discussions on Manifestoes for Ecological Swaraaj

Our belief that environmental problems are one of the greatest challenges to humanity in contemporary times and the most serious threat to the long term well being of society, has only been further validated, with the concerns on climate change, melting ice sheets, the loss of millions of lives during the devastation brought by the Tsunami in south Asian and South East Asian countries, the recent Kosi Floods in Bihar and Nepal. Read more

Social Action Movement Tamil Nadu-Pondecherry

Dindigul Declaration 2009

We the social movements from all over Tamil Nadu and Puducherry came together on the occasion of the State Conference of Social Action Movements where the people have been resisting attempts to usurp people, their livelihoods, their lands, their cultures and the Nature. Social Action Groups are involving in establishing feminist, environmentalist, socialist, casteless and child friendly alternatives by ensuring financial democratisation, deglobalisation and Read more


We agree with the overwhelming body of evidence and the broad consensus arrived at within the global scientific community that large-scale human activities since the Industrial Revolution – industry, transport, power generation, deforestation, etc – are the primary causes of global warming and the resultant unpredictable climate change, through increasing emissions of carbon dioxide and
Read more

Farmers’ Manifesto 'What farmers want from the governments?'

Andhra Pradesh is passing through a serious agrarian crisis in spite of the several initiatives taken by state and central governments in the last five years. This calls for a paradigm shift in the policy support to farming. Especially, there should be anunequivocal commitment to make small and marginal farmers viable, and a clear focus on enhancing real incomes. Read more

“Living with less: a challenge most needed”

Asha Kachru

This year’s theme for World Food Day ‘World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy’ points rightly to man-made crises and global imbalances caused disproportionately by the industrial North but affecting mostly people from the Global South and accelerating food insecurity in these regions. I have been asked to Read more

“Manifesto for Ecological Justice”

Meher Engineer

• No subsidies for rich industries that are in trouble except for those that agree to not retrench workers and who do not try to force a smaller wage packet on them : • A cut off in the size of the work force (the size of which will depend on the company’s rate of profit) below which no subsidies can even be proposed. • A progressive Tax Rate whoso steepness does not follow the present rules whereby Read more

Manifesto For a Healthy India

Make Right to Health a fundamental Constitutional Right and enact a Right to Healthcare Act under which all Indian citizens can get free, easily accessible, quality healthcare services; Stop privatisation of healthcare and abdication of the state’s responsibility for health of citizens in the country; Read more

Demand to Repeal the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Act 2005

As members of the civil society, academicia, people’s movements, action groups and representatives of various community based organisations we have for the last four years been consistently raising several concerns in the matter of the SEZ legislation passed by the UPA government in 2005 followed by the widespread establishment of SEZs across the country. Today, at the eve of the Parliamentary Elections we once again consolidate our brutal and honest criticism of the UPA government’s Read more


The paradigm of centralized power for industry and consequently centralized industry has been the dominant method of organizing large-scale industry for the last 200 years. Alongwith 1 unit of electrical power produced, there are 2-3 units of waste heat (thermal power) which are lost. When the scale of production of electrical power is of the order of 500 MW or above, the quantities of waste heat Read more


According to 2001 census, 6.53 lakh tribal people , though in truth more than 15 lakhs people have been living in hilly areas and plains in Tamilnadu as 36 tribal groups. These people are subjected to many difficulties and hassles, even after sixty years of indepoendence.Most of the tribal group people of Tamilnadu are Read more


The elections to the Legislative assembly of Uttrakhand (previously Uttaranchal), the second since its formation as a separate State, were held two years ago in February 2007. As a precursor to the assembly elections, a series of dialogues was organized to identify the core issues, which should become the focal point of the polity in the region. Read more

On Gender and Ecology: for People’s Manifesto

Asha Kachru

I have worked with the European women’s movement from early 70’s till late eighties and thereafter with the autonomous women’s movement in India. Also during my stay in Germany I have sensitized the European public through small exhibitions/posters etc. on women’s movement in India as well ascollected funds for donations to support the women’s movement in India. Read more


Challenges of Democratic Governance

Ecology, Dignity, Marginalized Majorities

Enabling Knowledge to Combat Global Warming

Towards Sustainable Solutions (Kosi Floods)

Dialogues on Gandhi and Ecological August-December 2008



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