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Thematics- Marginalized Communities>> Tribal

Tribal People, Swaraj, Swadeshi and Ecology


Starting with the ideals of Swaraj and Swadeshi, the reader is led by Savyasaachi, to explore them in the continuous struggle of tribals since independence in India. Taking from the example of traditional Koitor ways of life, which is in reciprocity and communion with nature, the author points out the importance of learning from the tribal peoples for the sake of an ecological and non-destructive Swaraj. Tribal knowledge being increasingly appreciated can give answers to self-regulation and 'own' space. Read more

Glimpses of ‘Shringar Bhum Forest’: Koitor’s perception of time, work and rest


In 1982, I heard that the forested hills of Shringar Bhum (Abujhmarh to outsiders) and its dwellers, the Koitors, had not been conquered by modern development. I was excited to go and see for myself how Koitors lived. What was their notion of time and space and of life? I was required to take permission from the Home Department of undivided Madhya Pradesh (now Abujhmarh is under the Government of Chattisgarh). I wondered why? Read more


Adivasi and Non-Adivasi Debate-A Need for Re-Examination

Narendra Bastar

The adivasi worldview has never seen itself as disparate from the folk worldview. In India so long as local memory and folklore goes back, though the multi-centered and multi-ethnic adivasis have been living in some kind of divergence with the mainstream Indian society and the world at large; they nevertheless seem to have sought and received a certain ‘exemption’ within which they could conduct their daily life in consonance with their worldview, self-image Read more

The Global & the Located: On the issue of a Global Party

Narendra Bastar

In the adivasi-folk worldview and self-image a global party, or globalization in any form or appearance, does not hold much water. Not only do such notions not spring from his experience and his earth, not only are they alien and non-dialogic coercions, they are also mechanisms to perpetuate his marginalisation. Globalization is a subject where there are strongly held views but relatively little empirical evidence, particularly of the micro level. Read more


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