Ecological Democracy: Empowering Marginal Voices for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy (SADED), also known as Harit Swaraj.

SADED is not just an organization; it’s a transformative dialogue process with a vision to elevate the voices of marginalized communities and pave the way for an evolved form of democracy that cherishes ecological sustainability and social justice.

SADED, which stands for South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy, is a transformative dialogue process aimed at empowering marginalized voices for a sustainable future. It is also known as Harit Swaraj. SADED seeks to mainstream the concerns of marginalized communities and promote an evolved form of democracy that prioritizes ecological sustainability and social justice. Through meaningful conversations, publications, books, podcasts, and engagement with like-minded individuals, SADED fosters a community of individuals dedicated to promoting ecological democracy and creating a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.


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We extend an earnest invitation to all like-minded individuals to join our mission and participate in meaningful conversations about ecological democracy. Together, let’s weave a tapestry of ideas and actions for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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Embarking on SADED’s Journey

At SADED, we embrace the sacred bond between humans and nature. Our journey is a testament to the understanding and nurturing of this profound connection in our everyday lives.

Retrospect and Prospect: Unveiling the Concept of Internal Colonisation

In a thought-provoking article, Sachchidanand Sinha explores the concept of ‘internal colony,’ tracing its roots to the impact of empires and colonies on the capitalist expansion in Europe. Gain fresh perspectives on historical power dynamics and their influence on modern society.

SADED is a collaborative effort without a central authority. It aims to deepen democracy and ecological sustainability. Its activities involve Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, CSDS, Lokayan, and Siemenpuu.

Democratic control of natural resources is crucial for humanity’s survival. The Johannesburg World Summit disappointed in addressing ecological concerns.

Modern processes fragment life and democracy is often limited to political structures.

We need to build politics around equality, mutuality, and respect. No single organization can fulfill all interventions, but diverse approaches can coexist.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam fosters comprehensive democracy, engaging civil society on various issues.

Constructive dialogues and participatory approaches are essential for ever-expanding democracy.

South Asia’s democratic traditions predate modern nation-states.

SADED revives traditional knowledge on ecology and promotes community forestry.

SADED strives for ecological democracy, sharing local wisdom and building a sustainable future.

A Critical Exploration by Niklas Toivakainen, SADED Research Fellow

Niklas Toivakainen, a SADED Research Fellow from the University of Helsinki, offers profound insights into the ideological backdrop of modernity and its implications on traditional knowledge systems and nature. This exploration sheds light on the urgent call for “Ecological Swaraaj” as envisioned by SADED.

Promoting Ecological Democracy: An Alternative Development Model

Traditional industry-driven ‘development’ often disregards ecological, environmental, and social costs, disproportionately affecting marginalized communities. SADED’s mission is to foster dialogue between people and nature, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future.

Join SADED in the Pursuit of Ecological Democracy

At SADED, we firmly believe that every voice matters. Join our community and be a part of the transformative movement towards ecological democracy and sustainable living. Together, let’s create a world where all voices harmonize with nature, and humanity thrives in harmony.